Q: Does Gingold Law Firm represent patients in medical malpractice or claims disputes with carriers or employers?

A: No.

Q: Does Latitude47 Sports Management represent student athletes?

A: No, if the student athlete is prohibited to sign a contract or verbally commit with an agent or professional sports organization. Without limiting the foregoing, this typically includes athletes who are on school teams or are on athletic scholarships.

Q: Does L47 represent players seeking MLS contracts either directly or in cooperation with other intermediaries on a non-exclusive basis?

A: No. Because of the unique structure and rules of Major League Soccer (MLS), L47 generally does not represent on a non-exclusive basis, players who are seeking a MLS contract. For example, L47 will cooperate with an intermediary from outside North America to place a player with a MLS club where L47 is appointed as the sole intermediary authorized to represent a player with MLS clubs. L47 will not undertake such placement efforts if any other intermediaries are simultaneously authorized to place the player with any MLS club. All previous attempts to sign with any MLS club must be disclosed to L47. Similarly, L47 will not undertake representation of a player without first having a signed representation agreement which complies with applicable federation registration requirements.

If you have questions or your situation does not fall into any of these categories, please call to find out if the Firm can help you.