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Gingold Law Firm PLLC focuses its legal practice on healthcare and insurance regulatory representation.

What does the firm do? The firm represents healthcare and insurance industry organizations in addressing regulatory situations involving the State of Washington Office of Insurance Commissioner (“OIC”), and in business transactions. Typical engagements involve regulatory compliance investigations and examinations, licensing and admission, material change filings and approvals such as in mergers and acquisitions, contested cease and desist orders, proactive “trouble-shooting” of potential OIC issues, analysis of legislation and rulemaking, and general assistance with transactional negotiations including document preparation and review.

Typical firm clients are payers such as health care and insurance carriers, third-party administrators, association health plans, and insurance producers (agents and brokers).

The firm also serves as local insurance regulatory co-counsel with regional and national law firms handling multi-jurisdictional insurance regulatory matters that include but are not limited to OIC issues, and with insurance litigation firms, and works with registered lobbyists in analyzing proposed legislation and rulemaking. Having worked as “inside” and “outside” counsel to major regional, national and international corporations, I am comfortable working closely with inside and outside legal counsel, company executives, board members, and lobbyists.

What does the firm not do? Gingold Law Firm PLLC does not handle personal healthcare claims or disputes for individuals against carriers or healthcare providers, and the firm does not lobby legislators or regulators.

Latitude47 Sports Management (L47) is a firm line of business which focuses its activities on representation of professional soccer players with clubs in North America and Scandinavia.

In 2010, I became a FIFA Players Agent affiliated with L47 and licensed by the United States Soccer Federation. Although lawyers were exempt from FIFA’s licensing requirement, I studied for and took the very challenging and comprehensive FIFA Players Agent examination to assure my ability to knowledgably represent players in accordance with highly technical and unique requirements that are not typically included in legal studies.

In 2015, FIFA changed regulations regarding representation of players, eliminating the requirement of an agents’ exam and license and replacing those requirements with unlicensed “intermediaries”. Accordingly, Latitude47 Sports Management now operates as a d/b/a line of business within Gingold Law Firm, PLLC and is available to serve soccer players as an intermediary subject to applicable soccer federation registration requirements.

What L47 does: L47 represents professional soccer players in contracting with clubs primarily in North America, Iceland and Denmark. L47 also cooperates with FIFA intermediaries based in other jurisdictions to place players from outside North America with clubs in North America and to place players from North America with clubs in Scandinavia. L47 also is available to represent clubs in signing players.

What L47 does not do: L47 does not represent student athletes who are prohibited to sign a contract or verbally commit with an agent or professional sports organization. Because of the unique structure and rules of Major League Soccer (MLS), L47 generally does not represent on a non-exclusive basis, players who are seeking a MLS contract. For example, L47 will cooperate with an intermediary from outside North America to place a player with a MLS club where L47 is appointed as the sole intermediary authorized to represent a player with MLS clubs. L47 will not undertake such placement efforts if any other intermediaries are simultaneously authorized to place the player with a MLS club. L47 will not undertake representation of a player without first having a signed representation agreement which complies with applicable federation registration requirements.

Thank you for visiting the website of Gingold Law Firm PLLC d/b/a Latitude47 Sports Management. I welcome the opportunity to discuss representation with you. Gingold Law Firm PLLC is committed to superior client service.

Jeff Gingold
Managing Attorney